Comic Con: What’s the best day to attend?

In the conversation about Comic-Con (I mean the REAL Comic-Con, San Diego), the question often comes up: I can only attend one or two days of San Diego Comic Con, so which days are the best ones to attend?

Good news and bad news: The good news is, there are awesome things going on every day at Comic-Con, and any day can be a good day, depending on what’s offered. The bad news is, the schedule usually isn’t released until the last weeks before the Con, and badges are long-since sold out by then. So you have to roll the proverbial dice and pick a day or two in advance, without knowing what’s going on.

The Exhibit Hall at San Diego Comic-Con
The Exhibit Hall at San Diego Comic-Con

The best days are typically Friday and Saturday, when most of the big panels happen in Hall H, and there are a ton of other activities going on around the rest of the Con. If you had to pick one day between Friday and Saturday, pick Saturday, but realize that you’re going to be missing something good on Friday. And Thursday. And Sunday.

The other bad news is that you may not have a choice of when you can go. When the badges go on sale, Saturday sells out first, then Friday. If all that’s left when it’s your turn to buy (if you even get a turn) is Thursday and Sunday, then those are your choices.

The thing about Comic-Con is that it’s not a good place for people who suffer from FOMO, because no matter when you go and what you see while you’re there, there will always be something you have to miss, in order to see something else. It’s a weekend full of hard decisions, and you have to get a grip on the opportunity costs, or you’ll drive yourself crazy. You just have to accept that you won’t see it all, even if you had a 4-day badge. Don’t bother trying.

One last point on crowds: There are no fewer people attending the Con on Friday or Thursday than there are on Saturday. It’s sold out to 100% capacity every day. There may be fewer people hanging out in the surrounding area downtown on Thursday than there are on Saturday, because people who don’t actually attend the Con still like to come down and check things out on the weekend, but at the actual convention, there are just as many badges sold for Thursday and Friday as there are for Saturday. The only thing remotely close to a slow day is Sunday, and that’s not because they sell fewer badges for Sunday. It’s mostly because a lot of people who bought multiple days are totally worn out by Sunday, and just can’t do it any more, so the exhibit hall is a little less insane. I usually use that as my day to grab deals on books and art, because the crowds are smaller and you can occasionally find final-day price cuts.

So if you have to pick one day, make it Saturday, but realize that you may not have a choice when you get to go, and there really are no bad days, because there are cool things going on every day.

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