Welcome to TPK: Total Party Kill

Welcome to TPK: Total Party Kill. TPK is a blog managed by a group of friends who have a love for all things Geek: Comic Books, Movies, Video Games, Dungeons & Dragons, Magic The Gathering, and a whole host of interests too embarrassing for my frail psyche to acknowledge.

Please stay tuned for more posts, including our podcast. 
What is “Total Party Kill”?

“Total Party Kill” (TPK) is a DnD term. When the Dungeon Master has killed all of the Player Characters, it’s a TPK. It’s pretty rare and generally is not supposed to happen. When it does it’s usually a very BAD thing. 
Why TPK?

Why not? The idea for the blog and podcast came from a DnD game all of use here playing which was being recorded as a podcast. We realized that we were spending half of the time talking about movies and video games and not about the DnD game. So we decided that, since we were already ruining another podcast talking about it, we might as well start one of our own.
So what do you write about?

No Politics, No Religion. Everything else.
We mosty cover Nerd Culture. Think movies, comic books, video games, Dungeons and Dragons… Really anything we want to but we try to stick to those categories. 
There’s a Podcast?

We’re currently recording sessions for a podcast. Topics will include Star Wars, Star Trek, Man of Steel, Sherlock and DnD Miniatures. Once recorded, episodes will be available through iTunes and YouTube. 
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Christopher James

Christopher James

The Founder of TPK Media.

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