A Note on the Non-Unique Challenge Tames

I’ve seen a lot of Hunters lately going after the three Non-Unique challenge tames, namely Kirix, Skitterflame and Anthriss. I wonder why Blizzard put these tames in the game, made them so difficult, when a player can easily get the exact skin of these creatures with little or no effort.

I made the same mistake myself with Kirix and Skitterflame. I worked for hours to tame Kirix (Skitterflame took me only 1 try) and proudly touted him about everywhere (he was my frist non-spirit beast challenge tame) when I realized that Kirix shares a skin with Cinderweb Broodlings (grated these only have a 50% chance to spawn each day, so it makes them a little difficult to obtain).

So for all those hunters that want to have a unique pet, then don’t bother trying for either of these three spiders. Their skins can be obtained much more easily (I’ll go into each when I write the guides) by getting one of the somewhat less rare spawns in the Molten Front.

If, however, you wish to test your skills and tame a challenging beast, then please by all means go ahead. They are all quite difficult if you don’t know what you’re doing (Kirix being by far the most challenging of these three, though he pales in comparison to Deth’Tilac).

Just keep in mind that many hunters do go for the easier tame, so having either of these skins is not usually a sign of skill, as opposed to the two unique skins, Deth’Tilac and Solix. But then again, you’ll know you did it, and that’s all that matters.

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Christopher James

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