Ankha and Magria

Ankha and Magria are the two new Spectra Sabres that were added in Patch 4.2. You will find them patroling up and down the regrowth, and are part of the Firelands Daily phase, meaning you much be in the right phase to even see them (The Regrowth phase).

They are technically challenge tames, though once you figure out the trick you’ll see that they’re quite easy. These share their skin (though different hues) with Gondria and are the only Spirit Beasts with the sabre skin.

Both Ankha and Magria, like Skarr and Karkin, share the same spawn location and spawn timer, which is supposed to be about 12 hours. These two beasts patrol around the regrowth area, and are quite hard to miss even if you don’t have NPCscan active. It is a 50% chance which will spawn, Ahkha (Green) or Magria (Blue).

Each has the same buff on them which causes more damage the greater the amount of armor the hunter has. Anyone with even Cata Greens will be killed before they can ever complete the tame.

What then, is the solution? Simple, get naked. Remove all items that give an armor bonus. Once your armor is down to zero you’ll find the cats do almost no damage. Cast tame beast and enjoy your new spirit beast.

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working on my second hunter, already did the quests in Hyjal so I could tame the spirit beasts there! Just saw terrorpene..but was killed right in front of me by a fellow horde hunter…blast thim!

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