Blizzard apologizes for worst launch ever – and it is totally acceptable

About ten hours ago, J. Allen Brack, Executive Producer of World of Warcraft, posted a rather long thread on the WoW forums, which you can read here. In it he explains the issues that were involved in the launch, and how the WoW team worked to fix those issues. I won’t go into detail here, and he doesn’t express all of my concerns, but in the whole I’m satisfied.

He also explained that Blizzard is giving everyone 5 days of free game time. This is to off set the 3 or so days when it was practically impossible to log into the game for many players, myself included.

Already there are some QQ posts on the forums, but most of what I’ve read has been positive.

I personally am totally satisfied with Blizzard’s response. The game was pretty much un-playable for me for the first three days, and it was not until Saturday morning that I was even able to start leveling. It’s now Tuesday night and I’ve just dinged 99… but if I’d been able to play those first three days I would be well into grinding heroics by now.

Having lost three days of game time, Blizzard has given me 5 days in compensation. I call this a win/win. Of course Blizzard did drop the ball on a few areas, but coupled with a massive DDoS attack I think that Blizzard has weathered the storm well and has responded in a satisfactory way.

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