Don’t Patrannache Me!

Patrannache was by far the most challenging of the tames I’ve performed since MoP came out. With my early success with Savage I had thought that all of the tames would be as simple. They were not.

Patrannache is the pink crane, the only pink crane in the game. Unlike Savage (who is although unique is almost indistinguishable from the grey Pandaren Tigers) and Glimmer (who is also unique but its hard to tell the difference) Patrannache stands out as being quite different. And Pink. Very, very pink.

Maps and info after the break.

Basic Info:
NPC ID: 50885
Type: Crane
Location: Valley of the Four Winds
Skin: Pink Crane
Rarity: Rare
  1. Invisible: Patrannache is invisible unless flared or under hunter’s mark. If under hunters mark he is only visible to that hunter
  2. Tracking: Patrannache places Barely Visible Tracks on the ground which must be followed. Place a flair approximately 10-20 yards ahead of where his last track was placed
  3. Tracks are currently backwards, are currently forwards on the 5.1 PTR
  4. Only Hunters can see tracks
  5. Once flared savage is visible to all, even non-hunters
  6. Patrol time: roughly 90 minutes one way
  7. Does not attack during tame. Will continue to pat and may even pat out of tame range
  8. Does not hit very hard on an 85, easy to tame right off the boat
Not unlike Glimmer, Patrannache phases quite heavily, and I lost him several times. He also has a much longer patrol length, 1.5 hours, so camping him is not very useful as it was with Glimmer.

Barely Visible Tracks. True to their name.

Patrannache is quite frustrating. His path is the longest of the ones I’ve followed. He also makes many turns during his patrol and as I’ve said before he phases heavily. I have not quested at all in Valley of the Four Winds so I have no idea which phase he should be in, but I can confirm that his tracks disappear in the Nesingwary Safari zone, which is full of hostile mobs as well.

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