Kirix is the first of the Challenge Tames I picked up in the Molten Front. And he is by far the hardest, unless you know the right strategy. After that he becomes quite easy.

NOTE: Kirix is not a unique skin. He shares a skin with Cinderweb Broodling which has a 50% chance to spawn in the Forlorne Spire area of the Molten Front each day. If you don’t see them there today come back tomorrow and there’s a good chance they’ll be there. Any hunter could grab one of these and say that s/he tamed Kirix with none the wiser. As such, this isn’t much of a prestigious pet to have running around with you.

Cinderweb Broodlings spawn in Packs

However, if you want a rare and unique challenge to taming a beast, go ahead and give Kirix a try. If you only want a Unique skin, however, I’d recommend farming for Deth’Tilac or Solix.

Kirix spawns to the area just to the left of your starting position as you enter the Molten Front (see map). He is supposed to have a 12 hours spawn timer, although I think it may vary between 7 to 12. He will patrol this entire area and is quite fast. Kirix is also hostile, so you’ll need to keep yourself at a safe distance until you’re ready for the tame.

Getting There:
Getting there poses a bit of a challenge for those with low gear, as I had when I tamed him. His entire spawn area is surrounded by a great wall of fire. It will kill you at least once to run through it, and I know of no other way to get there without dying in the opening phase of the zone. In later phases it appears you can skip most of the fire damage without taking dying. Here’s a link to a photo posted on the Petopia Forums to see what I mean.

About Kirix:

Kirix is a poison spider. He will 1 shot you and your pets, and is immune to all CC of any kind. He also has a knockback ability called Bouncing Charge followed by a poison ability called Magmatoxin which will kill you. As he is immune to all interrupts and CC haste is the key to this tame.

The Strategy:

There are two strategies to Taming Kirix. First is the “Disengage” method, which I don’t recommend and I found to be less than effective. But some people have had some success. The 2nd is the “hopping stones” method, which is what I used, and I found it to be far easier.

1) Disengage Method

Get jut outside of Kirix’s patrol area to the north. Put on Aspect of the Wild to reduce his poison damage to you. Pop any haste food and potions you have available (you may also want to grab the Ancient Hysteria buff from a core hound, then quickly dismiss it if you have one and are BM specced). Wait until he’s about to turn from his pat, and hit him with a Distracting Shot.

As he attacks he will hit you with Bouncing Charge, which will knock you back quite a ways. As you are about to fall down you need to hit Disengage and immediately begin to tame as you land. I recommend hitting Deterrence just before landing from your disengage. Haste will be the key here as if he gets into Melee range you are dead.

2) Hopping Stones Method

This is by far the preferred method. Get on the hopping stones until you are just in range of Kirix as he turns back south. Begin by casting Tame Beast. He will hit you with poison. Next use your Deterrence/Tame beast macro and tame away. Again haste is very important, even though he cannot hit you with Bouncing Charge he will do a decent amount of damage via Magmatoxin which is not interruptible.

One method, which I didn’t have to use, is to get the buff form the thermal vents, which will give you a haste buff after jumping from them. Unfortunately landing back on the stones is quite tricky so I’d recommend practicing the maneuver first.

This Goblin tried out the Disengage method. After a while of emoting to him he got the idea…

VIDEO: Taming Cinderweb Broodling

VIDEO: Taming Kirix via Hopping stones method (skip to about 1:30)

VIDEO: Disengage Method:

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