I love this Lion. Being Alliance, he matches the Alliance Guild Mount so he’s pretty much the perfect pet. At least on my server he appears to be the most sought after Cat, even beating Skarr.
Sambas is classified as a cat, and therefore can be tamed by any hunter, not just BM hunters.

He has five Spawn locations which you can see here:

From what I’ve read his spawn timer is roughly 8 to 12 hours. There is no evidence he shares a spawn timer with Karoma, as I’ve read on some other forums. There is also no evidence that Karoma spawns only after Sambas has been Tamed or Killed. Rather, as far as I can tell, they are un-related.

Sambas is neutral, and does not pat. Rather he is quite easy to tame. The best method is to mount up and patrol between his spawn points. Using NPCscan (make sure to clear your cache) you should be alerted the moment you come in range.

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