Custom 3D Printed Miniatures with Hero Forge

For those that play Dungeons & Dragons and have ever wished that your mini perfectly matched your character, but didn’t have the artistic skill to sculpt one for yourself, your prayers have been answered.

Enter Hero Forge. Like Dwarven Forge, Hero Forge caters to hard core D&D players who want to maximize their role playing. Hero Forge, which started as a kickstarted campaign a few months ago, is a website that will allow you to custom design a miniature and have it 3D printed for you. They have a range of options for you to choose from, although sadly not enough to cover every possible D&D race or class.

I didn’t find out about the Kickstarter until after it had closed (which is depressing as Hero Forge is offering discounts to kickstarter supporters). However, once I did find out about it I’ve been desperately waiting the time when Hero Forge would be open to the public – and today it’s finally happened.

The prices range from $15 at the low end for a cheap, but strong, plastic mini, to $25 for a higher detail mini. So, for your home campaign most people will be using store bought plastic & tin minis for monsters but for the Player Character (PC) I myself am about to order a $25 mini.

My Heroforge Havelock
My Heroforge Havelock
Meet Havelock (named after Havelock Vetinari for any Terry Pratchet fans) a Drow Assassin. I’ll probably be making 1 or 2 changes to him before I order him but for the most part I’m satisfied with him.
Artist's rendition of Havelock
Artist’s rendition of Havelock
The character design is all web-based, and it is extremely easy to use. You can choose from a number of archetypes, or you can completely custom design your mini, from the facial expressions to the amount of muscle and the size of the booty. Although the website doesn’t offer every race you might like, Dragonborn are still missing, it does have the main staples of your typical fantasy RPG. Humans, elves, and dwarves are all present, as are gnomes, elementals, and even mechanical models. You can even have and orc, or half orc character, provided you mean the D&D version of forks, and not the World of Warcraft version. All of the models use the same basic body type, and the customization involves the shape of the head, the ears, and body. So unfortunately my wearbear barbarian will have to wait.
The minis come to you un-painted – therefore you can choose any color combination you want on him or her.
I’m about ready to order my first mini from them, and at $25 per order I don’t plan on buying anything else for the foreseeable future. Not unless Hacelock should meet some untimely end. But when the order comes, I will definitely post some close up pictures and let everybody judge for themselves whether or not they want to order a mini. I for one am super excited and can’t wait for him to arrive in the mail.


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