Taming Savage: Map and Coordinates!

Savage is one of the first new Rare Hunter Pets you’ll experience in MoP and he is probably the only one I’m going to keep. Savage is the only White Pandaren Tiger (there are grey tigers which look similar but are not the same). Savage is also tamable at level 85, right when you enter the zone!

That’s right, you can tame him right off the boat.

I tamed this pet on Luppin right after I completed the introductory quests. This appears to be the only phasing you’ll have to go through to find Savage, I tracked him all through his path and he did not phase (although I lost a few of his tracks, so it may be that although Savage does not phase, his tracks do). Read past the break for more info and maps!

Basic Info:
NPC ID: 50850
Type: Cat
Skin: White Pandaren Tiger
Rarity: Rare

  1. Invisible: Savage is invisible unless flared or under hunter’s mark. If under hunters mark he is only visible to that hunter
  2. Tracking: Savage places Bloody Tracks on the ground which must be followed. Place a flair approximately 10-20 yards ahead of where his last track was placed
  3. Tracks are currently backwards, are currently forwards on the 5.1 PTR
  4. Only Hunters can see tracks
  5. Once flared savage is visible to all, even non-hunters
  6. Patrol time: roughly 30 minutes
  7. Does not attack during tame. Will continue to pat and may even pat out of tame range
  8. Does not hit very hard on an 85, easy to tame right off the boat

If you are unfamiliar with how to tame the new Rare Hunter pets please read my introductory guide.

Savage patrols all through the northern part of the Jade Forest. Savage is a sneaky little tiger, often turning left or right quite abruptly just a yard or so after he’s left his last track. If you’re not careful you’ll be searching for a track in the direction of his last track while Savage may be walking yards away to your left or right.

Sneaky Tiger, turning just after you left a track. Bad Kitty!

I’ve only tamed Savage and Patrannache, but I can say that both pets had this behavior, so its safe to assume that all of the rare spawns will behave the same way. 

Savage’s tracks are quite a bit easier to to see than Patrannache’s were, but they are still a little bit challenging. 

If you are not 90 I recommend tracking him in Camouflage  Using Aspect of the Cheetah will make this a little easier, and I have confirmed that the 50% speed reduction from using Glyph of Camouflage (which provides a true stealth a the cost of slower movement) is still just slightly faster than Savage’s speed so you will catch up, albeit it will take quite a while. 

Thats right, he turns around

As with all of the rare tames, their tracks are placed backwards. In other words, you need to be traveling toward the heel of the paw print, rather than following the direction in which the claws are pointed. This is most likely a mistake that will be fixed in 5.1. 

One final note, I have confirmed that Savage’s spawn time appears to be less than an hour (I have heard reports of it being as frequent as 30 minutes. This is most likely due to the whole continent’s spawn timers being sped up to assist in leveling and will also most likely be reduced when 5.1 drops so tame him while you can!

Below you will find commands for adding the path (seen in the map above) for Savage to your map and mini map via using the addon TomTom. If you don’t have the addon, download it from Curse.com (follow the link), restart wow and copy and paste these in. Most of these were tagged while standing right on top of Savage’s tracks so hopefully they will be accurage.


Petopia Page
WoWHead Page


/way The Jade Forest 38.09 65.36 Savage
/way The Jade Forest 37.74 63.92 Savage
/way The Jade Forest 37.30 62.71 Savage
/way The Jade Forest 37.44 61.40 Savage
/way The Jade Forest 37.11 60.99 Savage
/way The Jade Forest 35.93 60.21 Savage
/way The Jade Forest 35.34 59.13 Savage
/way The Jade Forest 35.33 58.20 Savage
/way The Jade Forest 35.37 57.78 Savage
/way The Jade Forest 35.59 56.84 Savage
/way The Jade Forest 36.42 56.01 Savage
/way The Jade Forest 36.67 55.22 Savage
/way The Jade Forest 36.94 54.79 Savage
/way The Jade Forest 37.57 53.00 Savage
/way The Jade Forest 37.95 52.44 Savage
/way The Jade Forest 37.79 51.47 Savage
/way The Jade Forest 38.16 51.01 Savage
/way The Jade Forest 38.19 50.01 Savage
/way The Jade Forest 38.06 49.47 Savage
/way The Jade Forest 36.99 48.61 Savage
/way The Jade Forest 36.78 47.25 Savage
/way The Jade Forest 36.80 47.86 Savage
/way The Jade Forest 37.13 45.70 Savage
/way The Jade Forest 37.43 45.10 Savage
/way The Jade Forest 37.83 45.09 Savage
/way The Jade Forest 38.29 44.94 Savage
/way The Jade Forest 38.81 44.15 Savage
/way The Jade Forest 38.79 43.77 Savage
/way The Jade Forest 38.40 43.11 Savage
/way The Jade Forest 37.92 42.24 Savage
/way The Jade Forest 38.07 41.65 Savage
/way The Jade Forest 38.77 41.26 Savage
/way The Jade Forest 39.42 41.54 Savage
/way The Jade Forest 40.14 42.17 Savage
/way The Jade Forest 40.39 42.02 Savage
/way The Jade Forest 40.52 41.36 Savage
/way The Jade Forest 40.85 40.80 Savage
/way The Jade Forest 41.22 40.27 Savage
/way The Jade Forest 41.50 39.44 Savage
/way The Jade Forest 41.40 38.00 Savage
/way The Jade Forest 41.25 37.44 Savage
/way The Jade Forest 41.31 37.73 Savage
/way The Jade Forest 41.46 37.20 Savage
/way The Jade Forest 41.65 37.02 Savage
/way The Jade Forest 41.83 37.10 Savage
/way The Jade Forest 41.04 37.14 Savage
/way The Jade Forest 42.46 37.05 Savage
/way The Jade Forest 42.75 36.90 Savage
/way The Jade Forest 43.02 37.04 Savage
/way The Jade Forest 43.25 37.20 Savage
/way The Jade Forest 43.38 37.36 Savage
/way The Jade Forest 43.62 37.42 Savage
/way The Jade Forest 44.04 37.67 Savage
/way The Jade Forest 44.17 37.83 Savage
/way The Jade Forest 44.24 38.23 Savage
/way The Jade Forest 44.34 38.91 Savage
/way The Jade Forest 44.61 39.11 Savage
/way The Jade Forest 44.91 39.18 Savage
/way The Jade Forest 45.37 39.34 Savage
/way The Jade Forest 45.43 39.36 Savage
/way The Jade Forest 45.81 39.36 Savage
/way The Jade Forest 46.12 38.89 Savage
/way The Jade Forest 46.40 38.75 Savage
/way The Jade Forest 46.59 38.29 Savage
/way The Jade Forest 46.62 38.09 Savage
/way The Jade Forest 46.32 37.69 Savage
/way The Jade Forest 46.28 37.32 Savage
/way The Jade Forest 46.39 35.99 Savage
/way The Jade Forest 46.80 35.13 Savage
/way The Jade Forest 47.09 33.50 Savage
/way The Jade Forest 46.88 32.39 Savage
/way The Jade Forest 46.52 32.02 Savage
/way The Jade Forest 46.63 31.33 Savage
/way The Jade Forest 46.89 30.81 Savage
/way The Jade Forest 47.05 30.25 Savage
/way The Jade Forest 47.09 29.92 Savage
/way The Jade Forest 47.20 29.49 Savage
/way The Jade Forest 47.58 29.10 Savage
/way The Jade Forest 47.86 29.06 Savage
/way The Jade Forest 48.09 28.99 Savage
/way The Jade Forest 48.26 28.96 Savage
/way The Jade Forest 48.87 29.48 Savage
/way The Jade Forest 48.94 29.61 Savage
/way The Jade Forest 49.07 29.79 Savage
/way The Jade Forest 49.32 30.12 Savage
/way The Jade Forest 49.50 30.36 Savage
/way The Jade Forest 49.86 30.38 Savage
/way The Jade Forest 50.18 30.32 Savage
/way The Jade Forest 50.42 30.28 Savage
/way The Jade Forest 50.68 30.44 Savage
/way The Jade Forest 51.00 30.67 Savage
/way The Jade Forest 51.27 30.87 Savage
/way The Jade Forest 51.59 31.03 Savage
/way The Jade Forest 51.83 31.16 Savage
/way The Jade Forest 52.00 31.22 Savage
/way The Jade Forest 52.43 31.29 Savage
/way The Jade Forest 52.85 31.08 Savage
/way The Jade Forest 53.09 31.13 Savage
/way The Jade Forest 53.95 31.33 Savage
/way The Jade Forest 53.42 31.40 Savage
/way The Jade Forest 54.00 31.74 Savage
/way The Jade Forest 54.68 33.37 Savage
/way The Jade Forest 55.12 34.31 Savage
/way The Jade Forest 54.74 35.11 Savage
/way The Jade Forest 54.32 35.83 Savage
/way The Jade Forest 54.38 37.57 Savage
/way The Jade Forest 54.57 38.03 Savage
/way The Jade Forest 55.83 38.04 Savage
/way The Jade Forest 56.27 38.14 Savage
/way The Jade Forest 57.29 37.37 Savage
/way The Jade Forest 57.40 36.93 Savage
/way The Jade Forest 57.29 35.50 Savage
/way The Jade Forest 57.09 34.62 Savage
/way The Jade Forest 56.85 34.32 Savage
/way The Jade Forest 56.56 33.68 Savage
/way The Jade Forest 55.75 32.07 Savage
/way The Jade Forest 55.30 31.55 Savage
/way The Jade Forest 56.15 30.68 Savage
/way The Jade Forest 56.79 30.18 Savage
/way The Jade Forest 56.04 29.24 Savage
/way The Jade Forest 55.80 29.24 Savage
/way The Jade Forest 54.72 28.05 Savage
/way The Jade Forest 54.38 27.45 Savage
/way The Jade Forest 54.00 27.22 Savage
/way The Jade Forest 54.62 27.76 Savage
/way The Jade Forest 53.21 26.54 Savage
/way The Jade Forest 53.19 25.30 Savage
/way The Jade Forest 53.30 24.17 Savage
/way The Jade Forest 53.15 23.72 Savage

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Thanks a lot! Tame Savage yesterday after 1 hour


Great work!! Needed only 15 min. to find and tame Savage – a BIG "thank you" !!

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