Terrorpene is a tricky character. There are actually quite a few creatures in the game with this skin but only Terrorpene is tamable. Although not technically a “Challenge Tame” I label him under Challenge Tames due to the damage you’ll receive while taming him (see below). In addition, he is not a Spirit Beast so any hunter at a high enough level can tame him.

In the Wild Terrorpene has 111,561 HP and hits quite hard with his Burning Hatred Ability which does 10k damage every second. As an 81 Elite pet he is quite hard to tame if you are not 85. This pet appears to have been designed by Blizzard as something Hunters who were decked out in Epics from Wrath would be able to tame within their first few days of leveling.

As such, if you are between 81 and 84 I recommend stacking as much fire resistance as possible in order to tame. A healer wouldn’t hurt either. Make sure to use your Deterrence/Tame macro and you should be fine.

Terrorpene spawns around the Sulfiron Spire area, and can spawn at any location within his spawn zone. He does not patrol, however, tending to stay stationary until he is killed or tamed.

He has a 6 to 12 hour spawn timer, and from what I have seen on my server is probably the most sought after pet in Hyjal, particularly because you do not need to be in any phase to tame him. As a result, I’ve only ever seen Terrorpene once in the wile and that was when I tamed him.

Something else to note: Terrorpene (like all turtles) is a Tenacity pet. As such, he is great for soloing and questing, and not so hot for dungeons. He drops only the standard grey Tear of Loyalty and offers no achievement for killing him. All of the above information leads me to believe that Terrorpene was created just for hunters to have while leveling to 85.

VIDEO: (sorry for the annoying music on this one, I’ll try to see if there is better video of this)

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