WoW – Why Engineering should be your Main’s Profession

I love playing an engineer. It is by far the most fun profession to have in WoW. For starters, engineers now have access to by far the coolest mount in the game, the Sky Golem, which has become available to engineers in patch 5.4. Here are just a few reasons why I think that your main character should be an engineer:

1: Get Your Mail Any Time you Want

With the MOLL-E device you can have access to your mail anywhere, any time you want. Ever been out in the wild and found your inventory was full? I have, even with starting the day’s farming of ore with nearly empty bags. Ever get a mail from the auction house that you want right now? Well as an engineer you can get this mail any time you want. This doesn’t seem like a huge benefit at the moment but after having my MOLL-E for a while I couldn’t imagine being without it. Of course this is on a 1 hour cooldown, but other than that it’s perhaps one of the best engineering benefits.

2: Glider

This is simply the best tinker in the game, particularly if you PVP. Although it’s not usable in RBG’s (and rightfully slow) I can’t count the number of times having the Goblin Glider has saved my bacon in World PvP. Whether you need to escape or if you’ve just been knocked off a cliff, a good old Goblin Glider can save your day.

3: Thermal Anvil

This goes along with the MOLL-E device. As an Engineer you can fly around, harvest your ore and then smelt it right then and there, no need to fly or port back to town to drop items off in your bank or find a forge.

4: Jeeves

Jeeves is probably the best item in the game. Unlike repair mounts (which can only be summoned in certain dungeons) Jeeves can be summoned any time, anywhere and allow your raid to repair. For you it also allows access to your bank, which is definitely a lifesaver if your bags are constantly running full. With a 4 hour cool down it’s definitely something you don’t want to drop randomly, however.

5: Blingtron

One of the more interesting and purely cosmetic perks, the Blingtron 4000 is simply an engineering perk that allows you to possibly get a few rare battle pets, and even a mount supposedly, though I’ve never seen it in one of the care packages.

6: Other Perks

There are a few other perks out there, such as bombs which are rather useful in low level PvP, Goggles, Gears, Speed Boosts (not usable in RBG’s) and of course some really cool mounts. All in all at least 1 of your max level characters should definitely be an engineer, for these and many other wonderful perks.

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Christopher James

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