TPK 001: Batman v Superman

Show Notes:

What are we Drinking?

Chris was drinking “Me So Honey” by Belching Beaver, Rick was drinking a 21 year aged Rum, and Torin was drinking a poisonous concoction of dihydrogen monoxide. Rick and Chris attempted to talk Torin out of it by explaining that it is toxic if inhaled and contains high concentrations of aquatic waste but Torin could not be deterred.

Batman v Superman

Although our panel had mixed reviews of the film, we all agreed that Jeremy Irons’ Alfred stole the show during the few minutes of screen time he had. Ben Affleck played Bruce Wayne capably, and perhaps with some more skillful direction in the Batman solo film he might fare better. Gal Gadot and Amy Adams were underutilized in the film to a criminal degree. The film is reminiscent of The Dark Knight Returns, a comic that was animated by DC Animation last year and is by far a better version that Batman v Superman. Lex Luthor was a poorly written character which no internal logic.

Comic Con San Diego and Hall H

Comic Con San Diego announced this week that it will be streaming Hall H’s panels. The panel discusses if this is a good decision and whether or not it will affect our plans for Comic Con.

Rogue One Trailer

Mon Mothma stole the show of the Rogue One trailer. The panel discusses their impressions (mostly positive) of the trailer.

End of Show

Rick asks where is the Hulk in Civil War. Mark Ruffalo had some answers for that. Torin discussed the reshoots on Suicide Squad, ostensibly to add more action but probably to course correct after Batman v Superman’s failure. Chris suggested DC should make a Lobo film to capitalize on Deadpool’s success.


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