TPK 003: You Don’t Know Dick

Batman: The Killing Joke

This week DC Animation Studios, which has brought us such monumental animated films as The Dark Knight Returns, All Star Superman, and Batman: Under the Red Hood, announced that its next film entitled Batman: The Killing Joke will be aired during San Diego Comic Con. It also released the first full trailer for the film. Based off of the seminal comic of the same name, by Alan Moore (of Watchmen Fame) the story will involve The Joker paralyzes Barbara Gordon in front of her adopted father Commissioner Gordon, then attempting to drive him insane while Batman is driven to his breaking point in attempting to stop the mad clown.

Deadpool: DVD Release

Deadpool: the smash hit from Fox Studios set in the X-Men Universe has been released on Digital HD and will be available on Blu Ray and DVD on May 10th. Not only can we watch the film in all of its hilarity and graphic violence in the comfort of our home but we can geek out on all the special features.

You Don’t Know Dick

The Man in the High Castle is currently airing on Amazon Prime Video and tells the story of an alternate reality wherein the Axis powers won the second world war. Based off of the Philip K. Dick novel it is one of many adaptations of Philip K. Dick’s works. In fact, many sci-fi fans seem to be unaware of Dick’s contribution to the zeitgeist. So we decided to discuss the works of Philip K. Dick that have been immortalized on the screen.

Bonus: Nicolas Cage doesn’t refuse movie roles.

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