Adult Wednesday Addams

Wednesday Addams was by far my favorite character of The Addams family (the film version; the TV version best character is Fester). If you don’t know who or what The Addams family is, check out both of the films on Netflix. They’re… watchable. Actually as I watch them as films I have to be honest with myself… they’re not very good films but I can’t stop watching them!

But I digress…

Comedian Melissa Hunter has created a fantastic web show called Adult Wednesday Addams. In it Hunter plays an adult version of Wednesday as she attempts to navigate real life. And she does so in perfect style, closer to the original Comic portrayal (conceived by Charles Addams of the New Yorker) and that of Christina Ricci’s performance in the films, rather than the slightly campy version of Wednesday portrayed in the television show and musical.

Hunter’s portrayal is dark, deadpan and brilliant. One of the videos from the second season has been making the rounds on Facebook – it shows how Wednesday deals with a pair of catcallers.


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