Ben Affleck Disappointed with Batman v Superman

Shocking I know. You’d think he’d be happy with the film, right? Well, actually no one in their right mind would think Ben, someone who knows how to direct a good film, would be happy to have starred in that cinematic catastrophe. And apparently, according to Devin Faraci via Birth Movies Death, he’s very unhappy:

My sources have told me that Affleck was incredibly unhappy about the reception of BvS. He felt humiliated after spending so much of the press tour saying how much better this film would be than Daredevil. On top of that his agent was furious when Kevin Tsujihara jumped the gun and announced him as the director of The Batman – there were still negotiations happening.

This move seems to help placate Affleck while also edging Zack Snyder out of a controlling central position in the DC Movieverse.

~Devin Faraci

Anything DC and Warner Brothers can do to get Zack Snyder out of anything close to a position of absolute authority, or perhaps out of the movie business entirely, is a good thing. Honestly, even though Man of Steel and Batman v Superman were both terrible films, I’m looking forward to the Batman solo film, so long as its directed by Affleck himself. After The Flash lost its director, there have been rumblings that maybe DC and Warner Brothers will get their head in the game and fire Zack Snyder, a doubtful proposition but, hey, one can dream, right?

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