Go Team Venture! The Art and Making of the Venture Bros.,

Venture Bros. has gone through several evolutions since its original flash animated pilot. Jackson Publick was at San Diego Comic-Con to promote Go Team Venture! The Art and Making of the Venture Bros., an art book detailing the creation of Venture Bros.

Our animation studio hated us by the end of the first season.

One of the most interesting tidbits from the panel came when Publick detailed the production process of Venture Bros. Much of the initial character design occurred when he was still working on The Tick animated series, doodling Hank and Dean Venture in his spare time.

When it came time to start the pilot, they animated it in flash. The result is The Terrible Secret of Turtle Bay, a very simply flash animated pilot that was the first iteration of Venture Bros. When the show was picked up for distribution by Adult Swim, Publick shipped animation duties overseas. The studio had assumed the animation would be similar in nature to the pilot, but as the show became more visually detailed the studio began to complain.

The Monarch was originally going to last only one season.

Another thing Publick disclosed was that The Monarch was originally intended to be a minor villain. The original intention was to have a slew of new characters act as the antagonist for Team Venture. But as Publick and Doc Hammer continued writing the series, they had trouble coming up with new villains. So they decided to stick The Monarch into the episode, and as the first series neared completion they intended to retire him in favor of a new villain. But instead they decided to return to The Monarch’s storyline in Season 2, a decision that every fan seems to have liked.

This is not how you play a guitar.

One of the interesting things Publick shared was the reason behind Venture Bros.‘s great attention to detail: fanboys. Publick showed one storyboard from the art book which detailed Hank playing bass for Shallow Gravy. Remarking on the detailed finger movements for Hank, Publick stated that he was required to pay so much attention to detail because he was worried about fanboys complaining to him “that’s not how you play a guitar!” I can’t say I blame him.

One of the most interesting tidbits was the evolution of a character referred to as “Scare Bear”. The character appears in the season 3 episode Bright Lights, Dean City while Phantom Limb and Professor Impossible are interviewing prospective members in their new Revenge Society, or possibly Violet Hour. At one point, Scare Bear appears, silently menacing The would-be super villains with nothing but a bloody knife and heavy breathing. This is actually one of my favorite characters from season 3, and it appears I’m not alone in my admiration.

Apparently Scare Bear (who I am totally cosplaying as next year) was destined to make a return in the season 6 Episode Doom Factory. Alas, he was cut, but Jackson Publick detailed a supposed backstory for him that involved revenge and finally apathy that was possibly mostly fabrication.

Go Team Venture! Definitely sounds like a treasure trove of inside information for Venture Bros. fans.

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